17 Gorgeous indoor plants to decorate your Living room

17 Gorgeous indoor plants to decorate your Living room

February 21, 2022 0 By Royalx

A list of seventeen perfect living room indoor plants. With decoration ideas and plenty of caring tips too. Join us and explore our favorites!


Why the living room?

 Well, the clue is in the name. The living room is for living. It’s where you kick back and watch your favorite show. It’s where you entertain your friends. And it’s where you cozy up on the couch and sink into that long book.

It’s the room where it all happens. And so we think that the living room should be full of all sorts of living things. It’s a room for indoor plants.

What kinds of indoor plants work well in the living room?

 Of course, that depends a little on the kind of living room you’re working with. But there are a few general rules. Maybe your living room gets a little less light than other parts of the house? Well then, this is the place for those indirect-light-loving indoor plants.

Your plants should also be in conversation with your living room decorations, so we’ve assembled a versatile list to fulfill all of your living room plant dreams.


1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The indoor plant to end all indoor plants, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants are everywhere. And there are good reasons why. With its large, fast growing leaves it’s a dreamy center piece for your living room. It’s a hardy plant too, and does well in low, indirect light.

2. String of hearts

Native to Africa, Southern Asia and Australia and first named in 1737, this transfixing hanging plant will brighten up any living room. Just watch as it learns to love your space, cascading down over shelves or hanging directly from your ceiling.

Transform your living room into something even more relaxing and layered. Too much sunlight can cause these precious plants to scorch, so keep them in low light.

3. Calathea Plant

The leaves on these beauties are used for crafts and food wrapping in the tropics, so they will fit right in with your colorful living room decorations. They are part of the prayer plant family, so named because of their repetitive movement: the leaves move up at night and down during the day. They are a pet friendly option and they love a medium indirect light.

4. ZZ Plant

If you are looking for something razor sharp, look no further. The ZZ Plant is the guy for you. It’s modern, it’s bold and it’s oh-so-hardy. This is an especially good option for those who are new to keeping indoor plants.

They are famously hard to kill, so if your first response in a conversation about plants is: “I love them, but I wouldn’t be able to keep one alive!”… well, get yourself a ZZ plant. It’s a great one to learn on.

5. CalatheaOrnata

With pink stripes on its large green leaves, there is something classy about CalatheaOrnata. It’s native to South America, and the dark green hues will go well with your living room decorations.  They are a little harder to care for, so make sure you’re prepared to keep a watchful eye on your new friend.

6.Lace Fern

Although it’s called a fern, it’s really a member of the lily family. It’s fast growing, so will need a little pruning, but the rewards are big. Its lacy ferns are just gorgeous, spreading out their bright green leaves like lattice. And what’s more, they have purifying qualities. So, sink into that couch after a long day, take a deep breath and let the Lace Fern do the work.

7. Shark Fin

It doesn’t get much more statement-plant than this. The Shark Fin is sleek, bold and singular. As it juts out in your living room, it’ll lend a sense of modern simplicity. Think minimal and compact. And what’s more, they are very very difficult to kill. In fact, they just love being left alone.

So if you are starting to wonder if your living room is so full of plants you won’t be able to care for ALL of them, why not add this Shark Fin. It won’t take up much more of your time. But it’ll deliver big rewards.

8. Curly Spider Plant

The spider plant is an absolute classic. And for good reason. They are very easy to take care of, and they work beautifully as a hanging plant.

The spider-y leaves can creep out over bookshelves and down onto coffee tables. Their bright greens are recognisable from across the room and they symbolize renewal and connection: what better plant for the living room?

And what’s more, they propagate fantastically. So if you want to get into propagation, then this is a good place to start. What lovelier going-away gift for that friend you’ve just shared a bottle of wine with in the living room? Get this Curly Spider Plant and next thing you know it’ll have offspring in the living rooms of all your friends.

9.Hardy Elephant Ear

The only thing better than the deep green of these leaves, is the metallic shades of purple on their undersides. They have great big leaves and are a great option if you are looking to add a little bit of size to your plant collection. They would work fantastically on a side table and (the clue is in the name) they are hardy plants.

10. Monkey Mask Monstera

The Monkey Mask Monstera is closely related to the swiss cheese plant, but this little guy is ten times as beautiful. With their distinct leaves, full of holes, they often grow entangled in one another.

This is the plant for the bohemian living room. And they are easy to care for too. They like a little warmth and a little water, but other than that they are good to go. If you want your living room looking a little more like a jungle, grab a Monkey Mask Monstera and you’ll be half way there.

11. Rainforest Terrarium DIY Kit

Why not go down the terrarium route? This glass orb will add some intrigue to your living room, and provides a great opportunity for mindful plant care too. Terrariums hardly need any upkeep, so once you’ve installed it, all you need to do is kick back and admire your brand new self-contained ecosystem.

12. Philodendron Birkin Plant

A stunning plant with striking white striped leaves, it makes for an excellent centerpiece amongst your living room indoor plants. It’ll bring a tropical feel to your space, and best of all it’s an indoor plant that really lets you know when it’s not happy.

That way, you know what to do and when to do it. Plus, these plants don’t need soil to live. So you can suspend them in water, which’ll add some great variety to your collection.

13. Pilea ‘Greysy’

This is about as cute as plants get. It’s dense and gray and a perfect small addition to your living room. And if you are lacking space, this will slot in no problem.

With its unusual look and many cascading leaves, it’s an unshowy plant that will find other ways to lure you in. What’s more, it’s a gift that will grow and grow, pouring down onto your living room surfaces and adding great texture to your room.

14. Devil’s Ivy N’Joy

A great purifier with stunning white and green leaves, this guy thrives in medium light. It’s vibrant and fun, and what’s more, the colors on its leaves change depending on the exposure to sunlight. So you can observe your new plant fitting in with its new space in a really exciting way.

15. Asparagus Emerald Fern ‘Sprengeri’

A veritable bomb of virbrantcolour. This is the plant to make a splash in your living room. Its green leaves are the party people of the plant world. They are bold and fun and bright. Let them tumble down your pot and give your living room a sense of wild fun.

16. Aloe Kokodama

Kokedamas are a Japanese tradition in which balls of soil are covered in moss and used as plant pots. Kokodama is based on the same idea, but they are made with coconut fiber. This is a sure-fire way to that natural look in your living room. And Aloe is such a great plant to have around. Known for its antioxidant properties, a little aloe in the living room goes a long way.

17. Frozen Planet Plant

How about a real eye catcher? With dark maroon stems and bright green leaves, this will have your friends’ heads turning as they step into your living room. Keep it out of direct sunlight and enjoy the stunning beauty of the Frozen Planet Plant.


So there you have it. Seventeen ideas to get your living room indoor plant collection up and running.

And remember, keep your collection versatile. If you have a few big plants, try some small guys. If you have a bunch of hanging plants, try something standing. Versatility is the key to any successful indoor plant collection.

And most importantly, enjoy your new forest! Because the nerve center of your home should be somewhere full of life.