25 KVA Generator For Sale

25 KVA Generator For Sale

May 20, 2020 0 By Royalx

In the industry or in marine applications, the 25kVAI can work with excellent efficiency. In order to help marine utilization, it comes with provisions of attaching marine accessories. The ability to provide distinct voltages makes the generator appropriate for an extended variety of applications. Low fuel intake makes the gadget ideal for financial applications. The 25 kVA Generators for sale are designed with The Latest Technology And Unmatched Performance. The series is the rugged engine and world magnificence Stamford alternator powered diesel generator set. Advanced in-cylinder generation to meet modern emission norms with none after-remedy device. Best in class transient response.


Engine capability (cc) performs a vital function in Genset performance. Higher engine capability results in a strong and strong Genset performance. Higher engine capability also enables Genset to reply quickly & undoubtedly to surprising load additions.


25kVA 3-phase diesel generator:

  • Cooling System- Water Cooling
  • Noise Level- Silent or Soundproof
  • Fuel Type- Diesel
  • Phase- Three-phase
  • Power- 25 KVA
  • Voltage- 415
  • Number of Cylinder- 4
  • Rated Speed- 1500 rpm
  • Alternator Type- brush-less & single bearing
  • Oil Change Period- 250 Hours
  • Frequency- 50 Hz

Kirloskar 25kVA generator set:

  • Fuel Type- Diesel
  • Cylinders- 3
  • Phase- Three Phase
  • Power Rating Range- 25
  • Fuel Tank Capacity Range- 75 Litres
  • Weight Range- 1400
  • Speed- 1500 rpm
  • Battery Capacity- 80 Ah
  • Style- Standby Generators
  • LxWxH(Weight)-0 2350x1100x1500
  • Rating (kVA)- 25
  • Rated kW- 20

Cummins 25kVA diesel generator

  • Genset Rating- 25 kVA
  • Fuel- Diesel
  • Type- Automatic
  • Output- Three-phase
  • Noise Level- Less than 72dba
  • Rated Speed- 1500 RPM
  • Cooling Type- Water-cooling
  • Application- Industrial, Hospitals, Commercial, Standby
  • Voltage- 415 V
  • Frequency- 50 Hz
  • Alternator- Stamford
  • Insulation- Class H
  • Power component- 0.8
  • Number Of Cylinder- 4

25kVA Eicher Genset

  • Genset Rating- 25 kVA
  • Fuel- Diesel, Gas
  • Type- Automatic
  • Noise- Silent
  • Phase- Three-phase
  • Of Cylinder- 4
  • Uses- Industrial
  • Rated- Speed 1500 RPM
  • Power- Factor 0.8 (lagging)
  • Voltage- 415 V
  • Engine Power- 35.five bhp
  • Frequency- 50 Hz
  • Insulation- Class H
  • Alternator- Stamford

Features of 25 kVA diesel Genset:

  • Low power consumption
  • Simple operation
  • Maintenance – free
  • Longer functional life
  • Factory designed, completely configured generator set
  • Production tested and delivered to you as a package
  • Supported 100% by means of your provider, providing massive post-sales help to consist of maintenance & repair agreement
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • Low Oil & Fuel consumption
  • Continuous obligation Power rating
  • Minimal vibrations and decrease noise levels
  • Easy Serviceability & Repairability
  • Standardized Design for the entire range
  • Wide after-sales & components support
  • Compact and microprocessor-based totally fully configurable manipulate Unit
  • The unique integrated DG set controller
  • Incorporate each engine and alternator parameter in one console
  • Fully configurable virtual output
  • All parameter is settable and password protected
  • AMF Ready
  • Remote start

Maintenance of 25kVA Diesel Genset

Generator sets – used for either high or backup power – have to be regularly maintained to make certain they provide pleasant energy for the duration of their provider life. The best generator upkeep exercise is following the upkeep schedule supplied by using the manufacturer of the generator.


  • Timely elimination of wiped out parts or upgrading the components
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Battery inspection and cleansing of connections
  • Load financial institution testing
  • Verifying manipulate panel readings and indicators
  • Changing gasoline and air filters


Small investments made in replacing components and retaining generators on an ordinary basis can save expensive.

When appearing routine renovation, each motion taken have to be logged, and the readings and various parameters are recorded in conjunction with the date of inspection and hour meter reading of the generator. These sets of readings are compared with the subsequent set of data collected. Any absurd variant of readings indicates the faulty performance of the unit.


Load checking out of automatic transfer switches in regular periods keeps the tune of the component’s electrical and mechanical integrity within the real mechanical switch operation.


Preventative renovation thus ensures which you get uninterrupted energy delivery for all of your needs. You are confident of provider on priority foundation in case of dire emergency and discounted service price for additional guide or work. Once an enterprise enters into such contracts, the power can loosen up on this aspect as the preservation provider keeps track of when the subsequent servicing is due and makes the visits at normal intervals. They make certain that the goods purchased through them receive constant and reliable providers.


25 kVA DG Set is present with a number of features & advantages. Availability with amazing components, excellent in layout structure & lower priced 25 kVA DG rate makes them a prime desire for all industrial power needs.

Our rather reliable DG Sets are greater demanding inside the industrial power sector. Availability in various fuel & output sorts which includes 25 kVA single-phase and a three-phase generator provides to choose the excellent Generators based totally on the electricity needs.