Best Stump Grinding Contractor (What Should You Choose)

Best Stump Grinding Contractor (What Should You Choose)

August 15, 2022 0 By Royalx

A stump grinder is one of the primary pieces of equipment used by homeowners, tree care professionals, and landscaping contractors when removing dead, damaged, or overgrown trees from their yards.

Knowing what kind of stump grinder will benefit your customer and their project is an important consideration for rental businesses. It is common to use wheeled handlebar stump grinders for this task Best Stump Grinding Contractor in Knoxville, Tennessee while tracked walk-behind stump grinders are also available. Renters can encounter a variety of stump ages, densities, and sizes when removing a stump in their area.

For stump removal, which is a labor-intensive process, Jay Thaker, marketing manager at Toro, suggests considering the following factors to determine the appropriate stump grinder for the operator and job at hand.

Key Stump Factors

Age, Density, And Size of Stumps

The difficulty of grinding trees that have been recently cut can vary depending on when they were cut. There can also be differences in tree density, and certain stumps can be harder to grind than others. Does it make sense to consider density and age? The next thing we need to discuss is size. Even though smaller stump grinders can theoretically handle larger stumps, renters must consider the additional time it takes to chip away at a larger stump. When you have a larger stump to remove, using a larger unit is much less labor- and time-intensive.

Depth of the Grind

What type of stump grinder you should choose will also depend on how deep you want to grind the stump below grade. Tracked stump grinders are recommended for renters who want to grind deep below grade. Users can use compact handlebar stump grinders. However, if they wish to grind a stump with a smaller diameter just a few inches below grade.

Species of The Tree

Tree species should be considered when determining how long it will take to grind the stump since it will affect the time it takes. Stump grinding is easier with hardwood stumps since the chips produced are cleaner. As opposed to softer woods, such as pine and cedar, conifers can be more time-consuming due to their tendency to shred rather than chip.

Types of Stump Grinders

Now let’s explore the two types of stump grinders. There are two types of stump grinders: wheeled handlebar stump grinders and tracked walk-behind stump grinders. Whether a tracked stump grinder or a handlebar grinder is needed, sharp teeth ensure operators can make good time no matter the conditions.

Handlebars on Wheels

The wheeled handlebar stump grinder is compact, easy to maneuver, and efficiently grinds stumps into mulch. Smooth operation is guaranteed by their well-balanced design and easy-to-use controls. A handlebar stump grinder also features convenient lift handles for easy transport and unique cutting technologies that make it easy to maintain and grind stumps efficiently.

Users may consider handlebar stump grinders if they need to access stumps in tight places, such as near a house or where trees are numerous. The foldable handles of some units make it easy to transport in small vehicles such as SUVs, cars, trucks, and minivans.

Tracked Walk-Behind

On the other hand, track-mounted stump grinders perform better on rough terrain and can complete more complicated jobs more quickly, but they often need to be transported on a trailer. This model’s track design distributes the machine’s weight more evenly, making it ideal for residential use.

For example, the Toro STX 26 and STX 38 EFI feature a technology that automatically adjusts the sweep speed when the wheel is loaded, so heavy cutting loads do not bog down the engine. Make sure you choose a model that can perform in the toughest environments if you are looking for a more powerful stump grinder.